About Us

For over forty years, A & J Meter Service, Inc. and Southern Meter Box, Inc. have provided quality products and service to the water utility industry.  Our companies are family owned businesses founded by James Curcio, Sr., whom had over 20 years with the City of Alexandria Water Department.  Both companies are located in Alexandria, Louisiana and currently service the southern and southeastern United States.  

Founded in 1972, A & J Meter Service, Inc. began as a water meter repair business.  Though the company doesn’t repair water meters anymore, it has redefined itself as a manufacturer.  Beginning with the manufacture of Meter Sight Scopes, a device used to read water meters under stained or muddy water.  It has brought other products on line such as insert pipe stiffeners, meter locks and more recently hydrant lock.  The company is constantly looking to evolve and bring new products on line.  

Southern Meter Box, Inc. began operations in 1980.  Starting with a reconfigured block machine in an old garage, the CH 5/8”x3/4” Meter Box was born.  Since that time, the company has brought to its line multiple size meter boxes and lids all while maintaining industry standards.  This includes concrete, polymer and cast iron products.  The company also manufacturers other products such as valve box pads, cleanout boxes and sectional vaults.  As with A & J Meter Service, the company is always looking to bring new products on line and at times produces specialty items at its customer’s request.