Round Valve Box Pad

Round Valve Box Pad

The Round Valve Box Pad is designed to protect the valve box without the hassle of forming and pouring a pad in the field.  The 24” diameter valve box pad is made of concrete (Type I cement) and is reinforced using 9 gauge wire with an option of #3 rebar (available upon request). It is 4” in deep with a taper down to 2”. The top of the pad has a hole with a diameter of 10” and the hole is tapered through the pad giving it a final bottom diameter of 9 1/2”.  The 24" diameter 6" deep pad in no longer available.

80 lbs. (24" Diameter 4" Deep Pad)
Pallet Quantities: 
32/ Pallet (24" Diameter 4" Deep Pad)
Round Valve Box Pad